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Queing Presests to work as a DJ style deck.

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  • Queing Presests to work as a DJ style deck.

    Switching presets is currently not seamless or quantized. If you were to add the ability to que tracks/presets/pads in a quantized fashion, this would add high performance potential. Blackbox can definitely be used in a standalone music making sense, but a majority use it as a live looper/performance tool. This new feature could add some great depth to performances. Look at maybe thr Polyend Trackers performance mode for an idea of what I mean.

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    are you using program changes over midi to change the presets?


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      no, please explain or link your youtube.


      • shankiphonic
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        It's documented, but I can make a video, sure

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      The blackbox does not que presets/tracks. Since the device streams audio from the microSD, this would result, possibly, in sacrificing some amount of CPU to perform this task. Because the device streams from disk, a PGM change will not be instantaneous. It will take some amount of time to load the wave files into the buffer. The amount of time will depend on the number of wav files being loaded, their bit depth & sample rates, and length.