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  • Sample layering

    i would love to be able to layer samples (max of 4 layers) per cell. with basic editing features such as start and end points of each sample, pitch and filter. we could create our own sounds using this technique. if its to taxing on cpu and memory maybe only have the feature activated on cells 1-4. please add this feature.

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    Aside from the [not so] hidden ask for 12 more pads here - in terms if functional behavior, in isolation - how is this different from, say, setting a sequence to trig 4 pads simultaneously?
    Is the aversion to resampling that you want continuous tweakability of all 4 timbres?


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      I know it is already possible to load more than 1 sample into a cell. i just thought it would be cool to have more editing ability over the samples when more than one is loaded at once, a maximum of 4 would make it stable to handle and keep menus and work flow simple. The resample trick would work but as you say not much left for editing and playing live. Most modern samplers have this feature i believe it would would work very well on this one.