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existing clips not to play until after lead-in while recording

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  • existing clips not to play until after lead-in while recording

    I saw this briefly touched on in another post, but wanted to be sure it gets a dedicated 'wish'.

    In current operation, if there are several clips assigned to pads and set to play when the start button is pressed, and you are recording a new clip to play along with those on a different pad and needing a lead in (such as playing a guitar part that starts immediately), all of the existing clips play once rec + play is pressed, though there is a lead-in on the new clip being recorded. Obviously, this causes the new layered part to start a bar later than the parts it was supposed to layer over.

    This seems a pretty simple fix, and in fact there could be 2 options on the lead-in setting: lead-in all pads, lead-in single pad

    This would greatly improve it as a quick sketch pad device for instrument loops/clips.

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    Yes Please, a Lead-in on both playing and recording pads would mean a clean synced recording at start.


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      +1. I would like to see this...


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        Be sure to up-vote to get it up on the list. Thanks


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          This already works when you do the following:
          - embed any clip pads into a sequence, except for the pad you’re recording into (!);
          - tap on the sequence;
          - go to the pad to record into;
          - and record - this way, all clips will wait for the lead-in.


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            I did verify the workaround mentioned in post #5 does work that way, so that's nice to get by with. I do think it would still be cool to have an option for it that doesn't require a sequence to be used, as just using straight pads as clips is the fastest way to get a layered loop going.


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              Yes, the use case that would probably benefit most of a more direct way of doing this is live looping, though I am not sure you’d need the count-in.

              Still, even for live looping there could be workaround - have to test it yet:
              * prior to performance, prepare a sequence with all relevant (still empty) pad events pre-filled (except one), for live clips this is usually a continuous stem from beginning to end - even better, if you know that you are going to create several parts, distribute any pad of your choosing over the relevant sequences;
              * use the One pad to record your clips (very important: do not use this pad in any sequence at all);
              * set this One pad to RecToPlay if you like having the sort of live looping behaviour after recording;
              * record your clip;
              * after recording, load the clip/sample into whichever other empty pad already included in the sequence, while it is still playing on the One pad, as soon as it is loaded it will be in the playing queue when triggered by sequence;
              * after loading and configuring, tap your One pad to stop it and set it back to New Recording;
              * continue with recording.

              With a bit of training, you may have a working live solution, while hoping and waiting for the more direct feature implementation.