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  • Smart Multisample Selections

    It would be great if you could set how many samples within a folder you wanted the BB to use on a multisample pad. Many of my sample folders have more samples than the BB file limit, and making BB versions with just the right select notes can be tough and time consuming.

    If you could tell the BB how many files to use from a folder as well as a note range (or just a note range?) that would be a great way to be more selective about what samples are loaded into a project.
    Also would be great to consolidate to only the samples used within a sequence so you could start with a full multisample pad, and then selectively remove unused samples to make room for samples on other pads.

    Loving this little thing and how versatile it is, and appreciate all of the updates so far!

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    Agree with this. It could be nice to have an option in addition to "Load All" such as "Select to Load", which would go to a screen where you could scroll the files in the folder, hit a load button while the file is highlighted to select it. Maybe it could change to have a + preceding the name. Once you have all selected, there could be a button like Done to load only those selected.

    I could see that being useful if you wanted a common folder for drum sounds you like, but only want to load some specific ones as a kit for this project.

    Not sure if it's currently possibly, but would even be cool to be able map certain sounds in a folder to a particular note so that you could lay it out as makes most sense for performing.