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Longer menu modes as loops

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  • Longer menu modes as loops

    It would be great if the longer menu modes (like the Event Probability) could act like an Ouroboros – so instead of being a linear list starting with ALWAYS and ending with the 100%, the menu items would be in a loop, so that if you are at the beginning (ALWAYS), one single backwards increment on the encoder would loop you back to the end (100%), and viceversa.
    This should make it quicker to navigate through the larger number of items, and thus extend the life of the encoders.

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    I was like, what's this product I've never heard of.... let me google that for myself. oh. ha.

    there are some existing wish list items for starting event probability at 100 instead of zero.


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      Please search the forum as this request exists in another wish list post. It has been suggested to place "Always" in the center, increasing % to the right - decreasing % to the left. That could be combined with your suggestion.

      FYI - It is important to upvote or +1 these requests or threads like this one will get lost when we go looking.