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ability to disable slices

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  • ability to disable slices

    It would be nice to be able to disable an audio zone within a sliced sample so that it doesn't get allocated to a pad on the Keys slice pad screen.

    This would be very useful for samples like dialogue from TV or movies where a whole sentence or 2 are captured, often with certain words or sound effects not needed. Currently, you have to have those unwanted pieces be slices. That just causes it to be more tricky to fire the correct slices when using the pad screen in the Keys screen.

    A better solution would be to be able to use a dial to scroll through each slice and either use a button or another dial to disable or enable that slice (they could all default to enabled so to be as it is currently). Then, only the slices that are enabled would be in the numbered pool of slices for playing through in forward or reverse or random order and only those would get pads on the Keys screen to fire manually.

    This would be greatly useful. Thanks for consideration.