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Set output and midi Map before recording

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  • Set output and midi Map before recording

    Hi there!

    here's couple of little detail that would really help the BB be an incredible live looper:

    Detail #1: It would be a huge help to be able to set midi mapping for volume and filter on an empty cell and have it stay once a clip has been recorded or even after a recorded clip has been cleared. Right now it seems to clear the midi mapping each time.

    ​​​This little detail makes it difficult to use the BB as a looper in a live situation. I would love to be able to just grab loops live and manipulate the volume and filter from my midi controller and I don't want to be setting up midi mappings in the middle of a performance every time I record a clip.

    Detail #2: being able to set up the output of a cell before you record the clip would be just as useful. This way I could just grab clips and send them to different channels of a mixer (or Blue Box?) and do my volume and filtering there. It's the menu diving after a clip is recorded that it a lot to manage in the heat of a performance.

    Thanks to 1010 music though for creating such a great device, I'm loving my BB regardless

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    Oh yes thank you! This is something that has prevented me from using the blackbox as a live looper in my live set. I really tried hard to make it work, and I've posted about this before. BB is so close to being a live looper that blows away most pedals on the market. Fingers crossed!


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      Agreed on this request! BB has a TON of live performance potential, and it just needs some fairly small refinements to open it up. Currently some of the interface methods are too limiting too allow that, and those items are just on the edge of allowing it to turn it into a killer live performance unit.