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Backing of BlackBox firmware feature updates/additions

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  • Backing of BlackBox firmware feature updates/additions


    i am wondering if it would make sense to sort of "crowd fund" additional BlackBox features.
    It's always hard to dedicate ressources for a developer into firmware updates, since the
    hardware stays at the same price or is sold already.
    apart from e.g. synthstrom deluge, or teenage engineering OP-Z

    I think i wouldn't be the only one who would put my money where my mouth is and crowd fund some
    new features in a dedicated forum interface where features are voted and backed by users if
    1010music would tell us what they need to prioritize.

    I think this could really be a win/win situation, even if one would argue - why should we pay
    for features a new customer will be getting for free? My answer would be - to keep the BlackBox
    alive, healthy with quicker feature addition, which is a benefit for everyone and which is something
    i would gladly spend some additional bucks on.
    Backers could gain access to newer features earlier for example, or make a dedicated backer screen
    with a certain shortcut

    Just daydreaming