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Filter - Perfomative latching ?

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  • Filter - Perfomative latching ?

    I had the idea when I was doing a jam today, How cool would it be if you hold down (lets say the "back" button) while you turn and twist the filter knob, and when you release the button, the filter snaps back to a state of 0.0%

    I came to this idea because i love to do filter sweeps when im jamming and I always try to get the track back to 0.0% once im done with the sweep, but im always about 5-10% off from 0.0, and if you know the blackboxes filter, even that little amount affects the sound shape. So I just thought a way to snap the filter back to absolute 0.0%, from a performative/ live aspect, would be super sick!

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    Cool idea!

    I'd love something like hold a button combo and turn a parameter knob to have the parameter jump back to default (filter, pitch). Not sure how that would work on the Blackbox with limited number of buttons.