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MIDI Thru - Aftertouch

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  • MIDI Thru - Aftertouch

    It seems that the blackbox does not pass aftertouch signals via MIDI outs. Is this the case?

    Would love to see blackbox pass this through.

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    The blackbox does not have a traditional THRU and does not always behave the way you'd expect. It's a fair request - thanks for posting.


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      Thanks for the response Steve! I see what you mean

      I've been trying out the BBox as a MIDI clock master/controller and this is the first hiccup I encountered. Like other users, I use some pads on the BBox as a make-shift MIDI thru. This request actually seems related to the oft-mentioned request for MIDI only pads/sequences.

      Since this thread is live, other things that would be awesome (I searched and was surprised not to see other similar threads)
      - recording AT to a sequence
      - AT available as a MOD source

      Appreciate this box! No intention to pester/complain. The original request would be ace for using the Blackbox as a "brain" of a setup