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Multisample kit creation

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  • Multisample kit creation

    Creation of sample kits ready to use with multisample mode directly on the BB.
    During the "pack preset" routine, automatically autotag-save in the wav files corresponding to each pad of a preset-the root note tag corresponding to the pad it is loaded on according to standard pads mapping (C2 to D#3)
    Thus, it could allow the following workflow for kit (for example, drum kit) creation:
    1 Load samples one by one onto the pads of your preset to create your kit
    2 Pack the preset with this "kit" option
    3 From now one, you could use on any pad of a preset the "load all" function on the kit preset directory to load all the samples you have assembled in the kit onto a single pad, with the same mapping that the one you had on your original kit on the 16 pads
    Currently, the only way to do that is to set manually all the root notes for all the pads of your kit, and save each wav manually.

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    yes please. i'm still struggling with an option to do this. best so far is to use MPC Beats and a python code (on another thread).


    • Mfactory
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      Since packing a preset anyway involves saving the wav files I guess integrating the root note tag in the same time is rather a simple and elegant solution. I hope it can be added some day

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    If you "Load All" on any directory of samples that do not have a root note set - the box will load them alphabetically, starting at C2, incrementing every 1/2 step. I may be missing something from your description (above). Help me better understand the desired outcome.


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      this does not account for multi velocity sample folders, does it? nor is it very helpful if you, say, have a piano sampled every 4 notes per octave

    • Steve
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      This method is not for loading directories that were intended to be played as melodic keyboard-style mapping, with root notes set at the file level. We already have the means to load multisample sets "every 4 note per octave."

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    Hello Steve, indeed using the load all function load the sample in alphabetical order, which is not the original order of the samples in the preset. For example if I prepare a preset with a kick called "kick.wav" on c2 and a snare called "astonishing snare.wav" on c#2, pack the preset and load all the samples on a single pad, then the kick is mapped on c#2 and the snare in c2. What would be great would be to wrap all the wav of a preset into a multi sample pack with same mapping so that you play the kit on the" keys" midi channel the same way you played in on the "pad" midi channel, the same notes trigerring the same sounds


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      To do this, either rename your wav files so they appear alphabetically, in the order you want them loaded. Or, Set the RootNote parameter for each wav file.

      We do utilize the rootnote wav-tag. However, RootNote is also a preset parameter. You can save the RootNote at the preset level or directly to the wave file. It sounds like you are (mostly) describing saving at the preset level.

      according to standard pads mapping (C2 to D#3)
      I assume you mean the current MIDI note that will trigger that pad?


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        If you pack your 16 drums kit preset and then load all the samples on a single pad you loose the mapping (this note plays this sound, c2 the kick for ex, c#2 the snare. ) since no wav tag is saved during the packing and thus the load all then loads alphabeticaly the sound. This is my meaning


        • Steve
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          The "Pack" operation was not intended to write root notes. What you describe in this post is intended behavior.