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Normalization of recorded samples

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  • Normalization of recorded samples

    In the file menu allowing to trim and save samples, add a normalize function to get a more homogeneous level of samples recorded and deal with samples recorded at low volume (like line level on the BB input)

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    You have low line level in as well? I thought I'd screwed up my (admittedly complex) gain staging! That's good to know although normalisation would definitely help


    • Mfactory
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      Editing a comment
      Having low level with line level signals is expected since BB works with Eurorack levels that are way higher. This can always be compensated at the recording step by turning the gain up, but this increases the noise on the input. Normalizing a wav with a low level might not help with regard to signal noise ratio.... But could be usefull with pre recorded sample bank to avoid having to play with mixer too much

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    yes indeed, i think that "normalize" could be so useful in many cases... (and also, as this is editing related : fade out, and fade in, as find it((s so easy and quick and smart to put a very small fade out to sample's end. more convenient and quick than using adsr or trim)