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Enhancements for multi sampled instruments

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  • Enhancements for multi sampled instruments

    BB is using either the alphabetical order to load multi samples, or wav tag smpl when available. This is great but most, if not all, available multi sampled instruments in sample packs contains the note information in the file title. Like "great sampled bass a1.wav", "great sample bass c1.wav".....
    It is always possible to set the root note of each sample manually and then save the wav, or rename the files so that while loading alphabeticaly it is loading the samples in the right order (and it works only with chromatically samples instruments starting on c2) but this takes a lot of time, especially with multi sample instruments of 64 samples. Why not adding an utility function that looks in the title and tries to identify automatically the note? Then, either save it in the wav tag for later use or just allow to load the instrument directly using this method? The way to implement this could be to look for similar characters chain across all the files in the folder ("great sample bass") in the example and tries to find in the remaining unique part of the title a group of letters / numbers looking like a1, c1, a#2, f#3 etc....
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    I think it would be cool indeed if the BB was capable of parsing a list of well named files and get both the root note and velocity values from them.


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      There are currently only 2 methods of loading multisample sets:

      1. Load All on a directory of wav files that have the wave tag saved. this will map the wave files according to the root note
      2. Load All on a directory of wav files that do not have the root note tag saved. this method loads all files alphabetically.

      ** Load ALL on a directory where some have the wave tag saved and others do not, will produce weird and undesired results.

      We do not look at filenames for reference to pitch or velocity. Sample Robot (for example) can load sets with filenames and add the necessary wav tags. There are other apps discussed (at length) on this forum that are free and will do this same task. We definitely hear that you want our samplers to load multisample sets based on the filename. And this is the correct thread to leave that request.