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UX improvements - back button, knob assignment and how the knobs and UI work

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  • UX improvements - back button, knob assignment and how the knobs and UI work

    The Blackbox's knobs and how they are used with it's interface is used has always been somewhat awkward to me. Having all 4 knobs mapped to 4 quadrants on some screens but not others while somehave duplicate interactivity/functions(Mix/FX/Pads) makes for a somewhat confusing user experience. Lacking dedicated knobs for things such as volume levels, filter cutoff, etc make it difficult to perform with the BB without using an external controller. I believe the knobs and interface can be improved my making a few updates to how the UI is interacted with and how the buttons are used. The Blackbox is different than most other devices due to it's combination of a touch screen along with hardware buttons and knobs but I believe that workflow can be easily improved with a few tweaks.

    What I propose is the following:
    1. Back Button - make the Back button return to the main default view on all screens - when I hit Info on the pads screen, I am taken to the details of the active sample pad, hit the Back button takes me back to the main pads screen. this functionality is different on other screens(Keys and Tools screens it does nothing even though those screens have a main/default view)
    2. Knob Assignment Shortcuts - allow 2 of the knobs assignable to whatever I want - master volume(new feature), master DJ style filter(another new feature), reverb decay, delay time, cutoff filter frequency, etc - allow right or left handed usage so that either left or right knobs can be assigned
    3. Knob/UI Interaction - for screens such as pad info - make the 4 quadrants that are assigned to the 4 knobs(Level, Pitch, Filter, LaunchMode, etc) UI buttons instead that are activated when they are tapped. Once activated, the 2 edit knobs(that are not assigned to shortcuts) are used to modify the active element.

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    Very good comments, I think you did a great job


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      Interesting idea , not sure to be agree with all your suggestions too, but
      Long press on back or / and / info button, combined with the knobs or combined with the lower section keys (keys, FX, Seq, etc ...) can open a lot of possibilities.
      Being able to configure the shortcuts as we want can also be very good


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        Would be cool if you could replace that velocity part of the main screen with volume of selected pad. I might actually use it then.