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  • step modulation

    I know modulation has been brought up before, but from what I've read it's been ADSR or an LFO as a modulation source. What I would like to see is step modulation using the sequencer. So for a particular step in the sequence a parameter (like pitch, cutoff, ADSR, pan, etc.) is modified.

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    This is interesting -

    just so we're on the same page - are you suggesting we might draw the wave using the sequence? Then assign the parameter to that seq as the mod source?
    this might actually be baller AF.

    the down side to this, of course would be "sacrificing" a seq.... but in resampling/workshop mode, I guess it's not too steep a price to pay.
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      actually that is not what I had in mind, though that in itself would be pretty cool. I will give you an example of what I was thinking, let's say you have a drum hit which you are sequencing, so you open a sequence and set it to 16 steps, and set it activate on steps 1 3 5 8 12. What I'm suggesting is being able to have those steps modify a selected parameter. Just the same as you right now can modify velocity and probability for a step, it would be cool if you could also modify cutoff, pan, and whatever other values. So for step 1 maybe have filter change to +10%, for step 3 to +15%, step 5 -20%, and so on.