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  • Visual output levels

    I’d love to be able to see the output levels of the samples or the master output level similar to the way I can see the input level. Maybe show output levels on the mix page per pad and master levels.
    the reason is that it’s hard to prepare the bb for a live show. I’m spending quite some time soundchecking because I can only level out the different samples by ear at home. When you play them at a big venue though you can really get surprised by the different loudness of different samples.
    I guess a “normalizing” function could also help.
    id love to just see a l\r meter for the master and the pads to see how much db each sample is. That would give me a better overview.
    what do you think? How do you mix 16 different pads of different sample packs live?

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    You can normalize samples before loading them on to the BB. That way it's all relative to the same level. I never use that many sounds though and also run everything through other gear where I have more mixing tools (including VU meters). Otherwise I use theoretical knowledge (e.g. 3 sounds with overlapping frequency content in the same position in the stereo field won't work well) and mostly just mix by ear.


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      Yes please Visual Output levels...

      I was thinking how it would be nice to have a "meter mode" where the velocity is shown on the pads page.
      Option to show Out 1, Out 2, Out 3 or HP on the Pads page.

      Normalization would be a nice bonus as well...

      pieter3d I use mine all over and sometimes when working in noisier places and live sampling - it would be great to "normalize" on the fly. Sometimes this would be greatly welcomed outside the studio so to speak.