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  • Presets for Pads

    Here are my 2 cents.

    I often open a session and just create pad-instruments. I load a sample or a multisample, mess with the fx sends, envelope, LFO (now in 1.9), and create a sound I like. I do that multiple times, and I have a nice session filled with playable pads.

    I often wished I could save a pads configuration and recall it into other projects. In short... have presets for the pads!

    Do people here agree with me?

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    It’s a cool idea. I think there in a similar question1010 answered with this workaround that I didn’t know before:
    you can copy paste pads across presets. So you could go into your nice preset and copy a nice pad. Then you go to your new preset and paste it there. I didn’t know this before and it’s quite cool. Maybe this helps as a workaround


    • Manthos
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      Wow! Didn't know that, thanks so much Y

    • Georges
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      extending on this workaround: you could build a template preset from which you would copy