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Quick peek into pages when white page button keeps being pressed

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  • Quick peek into pages when white page button keeps being pressed

    This is a UI feature that is very well implemented on the Novation Circuit: It is possible to quickly peek into a different section of the UI to change settings there by pressing and keeping pressed the page button where one wants to edit a setting. Upon releasing the page button the UI snaps back to the page where you were working.

    (For the BB: Page buttons = the white buttons on the BB)


    Say you are on the "Pads" page in one of the sub pages and quickly would like to adjust the headphone output level.
    With this feature you'd press and keep pressed the "Tools" button. the UI switches to the "Tools" page where you could change the level.
    Upon releasing the "Tools" button the UI changes back to the place where you were before, in this case the sub page of the "Pads" section.

    This would make working with the BB much more fluid.

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    best BB's impro/live workflow improvement idea i've seen !! i get lost in the menu sooooo many times, or more truly, struggled to get back to the page i was in the first place....


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      I agree this is a great idea! It is very to do these kinds of page switches right now.
      An example of mine: I’m controlling the filter in the sub menu in the PADS page and I want to turn up the reverb on that pad too. Now I’d have to go to the FX page turn the reverb up, then go back to the PADS page and navigate to the certain pad and hit info two times again just to get back to the filter control.
      This new described functionality would make this super easy and fast!


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        Great idea! Another option would be to have a global setting where you can say if you want the menu states to be saved, so that you would always return to the state you’ve been in last. OP-Z has an option for that in the global settings for example