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the loop points in multisample

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  • the loop points in multisample

    Hi, please, add the ability to play multisample instrument considering the loop points of each sample. This feature is the minimum requirement for a decent sampler and play a very long sample instead is a workaround that doesn't work.
    hope that the final release of the new 1.9 os will fill this lack

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    I’d really love a loop function for multisamples too! Without looping you need so much storage for each instrument. The loop function really makes the most sense with multisamples


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      oh yes, would love this feature too :-)

      I'm using to add loop points and set root notes, and it works great with single samples, but it would great to have an option of using loop points in multi samples ( I understand it is complicated to edit the loop points on the blackbox, but just an option of using the embedded loop points of the .wav's would be amazing.)
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        I agree that for multisample playback to truly be considered "supported," blackbox should at the very least respect the loop points embedded in each wav file so that sustained notes on instruments like organs and synth pads can be held. I honestly could live without the ability to edit multisample loop points on the blackbox itself because there are many efficient options to do this on a computer.

        I don't know if this was ever on your roadmap, or you ran out of time, but, respectfully, this should be implemented!


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          Posted about this before, as I'm sure several others have.


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            +1 !!!!!!!!!


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              Steve, what is 1010 Music's intention for how the blackbox handles loop points in multisample wav files, both now, and in the future? I ask for two reasons:
              • Should this be reported as a bug instead of a wish list item?
              • Respectfully, should blackbox owners who need multisamples to loop and sustain like other samples look elsewhere, or is there a plan to resolve this?
              Thanks in advance --- I'm a big fan of 1010 Music and everything you're doing!
              Cc: Aaron


              • Steve
                Steve commented
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                Currently, our samplers do not support loop points in multisample sets. We hear the request and understand why you want it.

                Though many people ask, we do not speak publicly about our future plans. This will not change any time soon. It sets the wrong expectations.

                This is and has been, a wish list item. If you search the forum you will find this. If you create a set, choose a note length that best suits the purpose of the sound. Use Gate as the LaunchMode w/ ADSR for sustain.

              • -thus-
                -thus- commented
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                Thanks for responding, Steve. Not a bug — message received. I will continue to enjoy using the blackbox for other duties but will look to other hardware or software for playing my multisampled instruments. The missing legato and portamento settings was already pushing me that direction. Those playing styles and the ability to hold notes indefinitely are things this synth player can’t live without.

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              The implementation of auto-sampling and multi-sampling on the upcoming M+ firmware (see loopop’s preview video) quite well describes the expectation regarding sustaining the samples with loop points.


              • denizgarout
                denizgarout commented
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                great features they introduced there! heres the link
                the trim silence feature is also a really needed addition. I was using the multisample feature a lot when i got my BB but over the years stopped using it because it takes so much time and then doesn't work out due to these missing features. I would go right back to using it once these things are implemented

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              I am very interested in the blackbox primarly as sampler.
              The looppoint support limitation on multisamples is a thing I am waiting for untill I will purchase the blackbox.

              No looppoints for multisamples means:

              1. you cannot create decent oscillators from samples. single sample does not soundgood. I know you can just record a long sample but experience thought me that doesn't work properly unless you record very very long samples.
              2. looppoints are a very creative addition on multisamples. for example if different samples have different looppoints it might create nicely living patches
              3. the limitation works ok with short samples but not with sustaining type sounds.

              I would not mind if velocity layers are disabled in case we use looppoints.
              As stated before me too wouldn't mind if you cannot edit the looppoints and if the sampler just uses the embeded wav looppoints.
              Trimming and edits can be done on a computer.

              @denizgarout​ yes multisampling takes time.... anyhow so I do not thinks its an argument.


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                +1 (million)

                Guys... Blackbox is a very cool concept. But Akai had this multisample loop point feature in the 80s. There's no reason why it shouldn't at the very least respect loop points in a WAV. I agree with the OP. This is not really an optional feature.


                • Georges
                  Georges commented
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                  There is probably a reason or it would have already been implemented. What Akai did not have was the streaming tech. Perhaps that would be the obstacle for the bb?

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                +1 to dive into Akai/EMU territory


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                  +1 for loop points in multisamples


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                    +1 for Blackbox basic functions to get implemented


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                      This would be game changing for the multisample capabilities, right now to get long pads I have to record very long individual samples. Loop points would be a great fix!


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                        +1 would be great to have this