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ability to place cursor when renaming a sample

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  • ability to place cursor when renaming a sample

    When renaming a sample in the FILE > RENAME menu screen, there is currently no way to move the cursor back to a previous spot. For instance, if I typed a longer name and realized I made a mistake in my character entry, my only current option is to backspace and remove all later characters that were correct or to press CLEAR to wipe the whole name out and retype. While that seems not too bad, it definitely slows a workflow when trying to record many samples.

    I could see 2 possible tweaks to make it more editable:

    1) Let the user press somewhere within the name to place the cursor (to appear as a vertical line between existing characters). This would be the fastest and easiest, though there would need to be a way to swipe to the right if it's a longer name and the user needs to get back to characters no longer on the screen.

    2) Use the blank rectangle between Cancel and Clear and have a new option called Cursor or Pos. When that is selected, the vertical line appears and any encoder can move it to the left or right.

    I can't see this being too much additional coding and is strictly UI and not performance related, but it would make workflow faster, which is always good.

    *** Bonus Request *** -> add the underscore and or hyphen character as an option on either the alpha or numeric keyboard to be used in file names

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    The upper left encoder will scroll you back through the file name so you can change whatever mistake you’ve made or insert additional characters.


    • byrdinbbylon
      byrdinbbylon commented
      Editing a comment
      Dang, now I feel kind of stupid. I guess I could have tried moving the encoders. I would delete the post, but it might be useful for someone else to see how simple this is. Thanks a ton!

      Actually, I just tested and any of the 4 encoders moves the cursor...

      But I still would like to use hyphens or underscores in the name.