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  • selective resample

    would like to be able to resample a single pad instead of all. This would be useful in making songs. Say you have all your samples recorded, an arrangement drafted. It's playing, and you want to resample one pad while you play the filter, or adjust the levels, or whatever parameter. Right now the only way to do that is mute all the other pads, but that would also take away the other instruments that are acting as a cue to when you are modifying whatever parameter it is you want to modify on the one pad. Being able to resample one pad instead of all would be one way to remedy the issue. That way you can have it all playing, resample the one pad as you do your thing, then switch out the newly recorded pad for the old.

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    IIANM, this should already work now, albeit slightly less conveniently because you would sacrifice one output port: instead of resample, connect a cable from eg Out3 to In, then assign your performance pad(s) to Out3, while the others go to either Out1 or Out2, now record the L+R (be careful with the input level) while performing.

    Maybe a more elegant way to implement this would be a global setting allowing you to specify the output that gets resampled: eg Mix, Out1, Out2, etc - this way you could assign the pad(s) to the OutX to be resampled.

    Are there any acceptable workarounds? eg controlling filter and such via MIDI sequencer or bpm synched LFO?


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      I like your idea of setting which output channel gets resampled.