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Adjustable start/end points for clips

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  • Adjustable start/end points for clips

    When remixing an existing song I have individual tracks loaded on the blackbox with drums, vocals, etc. Now I would like to trigger various section of those tracks as clips. Currently I have to prepare one wav file for every clip I want to launch. If a clip had adjustable start/end points like a sample, that would not be necessary. Instead I could reuse any part of an existing track as a clip without cutting it beforehand.

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    I found this was mentioned before, with the additional idea of snapping the starting point of the looped section to the beat grid.
    That would make the selection of various sections of a track for looping and remixing a really fast and practical operation.


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      have you already tried experimenting with slices? not saying that this would be the solution you’re looking for, but it might open up the horizon of possibilities


      • shankiphonic
        shankiphonic commented
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        auto scanned slices too...
        wondering why it has to be clips?

      • Georges
        Georges commented
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        Probably because a clip is named a clip, and a slice is named a slice? :-) That’s at least how I interpreted the bb in the beginning.

        It helped me 1) to read the book How to Make a Noise Sample Synthesis by Simon Cann (which goes for a few bucks only and which nicely explains a lot of the things that devices such as the bb can do) and 2) to just work around whatever feature I thought the bb lacked.

      • minimal
        minimal commented
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        Ahh yes, stupid me! Just save a track of a known number of bars and have it cut by the slicing function. That's it.

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      +1 for this, my workaround is to adjust and trim first but it’ll be great to skip that step.