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ADSR Envelope as modulation source (maybe second envelope)

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  • ADSR Envelope as modulation source (maybe second envelope)

    Hi, I’m loving the new update with LFOs in 1.9.F
    The only thing missing for me to make this a simple synth engine is to have the ADSR envelope as a modulation source. Also would be great to have a second ADSR envelope per pad. So I could go to the filter and select Envelope 1 (the gate envelope) or envelope 2 as a modulation source.
    this would open up the possibilities of sound shaping even more and you basically have a synth in front of you when you use a raw saw wave as a sample.

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    +1 !
    Although I could imagine this would require too much CPU power.

    An alternative could be to have the option to set the LFO in a Single Cycle mode.
    In that way you could create a simple decay by using the ramp down LFO wave.


    • denizgarout
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      True. but I also thought LFOs and even just more polyphony would be too much for the CPU but the 1010 team keeps proving me wrong with their updates I believe in u!

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    +1 on this!

    Def enable the ADSR to be a modulation source. For the second ADSR, or LFO, how about instead adding a cycling envelope. Per pad, an ADSR, LFO, and cycling env all modulation sources.


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      I believe a 2nd envelope we could assign to the filter would make so much sense.

      but then for sure I will ask for oscillator source type of pad because it’s probably the only thing still missing for a wavetable synth !


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        +1 for this. 3 independent ADSR envelopes assignable to multiple parameters would be amazing.