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    Dear team,

    Are there any plans on re-engeneering song mode?
    Current is quite unintuitive; for example, i found out that you can trigger seq on and off during 1 section (and for users reading - try it out, it helps a ton, just set song section length to max, turn record on and turn seq's on and off live), but it behaves kinda funky with loop ,only works every other time, etc..
    I know that you're aware about the topic, just couldn't find any updates on it or anything...
    would appreciate any feedback.
    thank you!)

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    Suggestion on a layout. It says pads, i ment seqs, sorry about that.Could add extra tab ( as with keys bttn) showing, say, per pad view, or anything. But a visual understanding of which seq's are active and which are not at a given bar, and being able to tweek that without being have to play through and remember is vital imho...


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      The easiest and fastest f temporary fix would be to add "amount of section repetitions" on "info"window, where section length is being changed.


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        +1 I love the BB but I can’t use the song mode. I was really used to the idea of chaining sequences but as the BB “only plays one sequence” it becomes confusing for me.


        • Georges
          Georges commented
          Editing a comment
          what do you mean by “plays only one sequence”?

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        Could a solution be to double click into a sequence and edit which song section and bar it is mapped to?

        I continue to find myself having to delete song sections when I get it ‘wrong’ because it’s too fiddly to fix. If I could get the song section ‘nearly right’ then go and tune it up by diving into a page under the sequence it would make life easier.

        I also forget which sequence is tied to which song. Having a handy reference within the sequence page would also speed up this workflow.

        other than that having such an awesome time with this beautiful piece of music machinery!