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MIDI CC visual feedback

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  • MIDI CC visual feedback

    I think it was asked before. If I control a parameter with CC the parameter on the display does not change, it effects the parameter but without visual feedback.
    (I believe in a much older firmware it moved the sliders and knobs but than this function disappeared.)

    I really wish for a visual feedback for MIDI parameter tweaks.

    If you say that it is because MIDI is seen as form of modulation, it is fine for me, just add a visual indicator where the parameter is set with modulation together.
    Or make it configurable, that the users can choose if they want it one or another way.

    Many thanks!

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    It would also be great to be able to see the channel and CC number that is assigned to whichever parameter, rather than just 'CC' in the 'Source' on the MOD page.