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Seamless transitions between Songs

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  • Seamless transitions between Songs

    Hello BB Community,

    One of the main reasons why I am struggeling with my blackbox is that you cannot seamlessly transfer between songs, especially in a live situation.

    @Admins: Is there any chance we will see this at some point?

    Or are there any workarounds? Maybe the ability to switch between samples/clips through song sections?

    Very thankful for any help!!


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    I cannot imagine how that could work as you need to load all the sequences and samples and so on... pretty much everything is different, isn't it?

    But anyhow I can relate to that problem. My solution is to have an infinite feedback echo on my mixer and I can create some lasting sounds which is enough to load another song/project on the blackbox.
    The transition isn't done on the blackbox in that case.


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      I use my Korg KP3, break the current song down to a beat and/or melody, sample it, then switch projects on the BlackBox while playing/resample game/mangling the sampled clip while the new song loads. A small 2 channel DJ style mixer can be helpful here to cue the new song and fade the BB out and in.


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        When I had just one Blab, I used to bounce the presets into clips, grid slice those for more live control and transition between the clips and/or slices, inside a single preset.
        A possible workaround is 2 Blackboxes.
        Here is a quick setup with a small cheap dj mixer.
        Normally I use a Bluebox with midi controller to mix, but it’s in repair.
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