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Save and load kits of samples or clips

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  • Save and load kits of samples or clips

    One thing that would bring the BB to another level for me, is if there was a possibiltiy to save and load clip- or sample- kits inside a project!

    Just to be able load and interchange a set of 4 or 8 drums or drum clips inside a project, maybe even with saved filter/resonance/level settings, would be such an advancement in building your song and trying ot different styles.

    Especially when thinking about live playing, to be able to load a set of clips into the project.

    Anyone else with me on this one?

    @Admins is there a possibility we could see this at some point? Shouldnt be too big of a cpu burner :-)

    Thanks for your great work,

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    Have you looked at Slicers?


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      I have been sort of doing this since first getting the BlackBox, but not in as polished a way as you describe or foresee.
      What I do is have a set of a dozen or so presets in different general genres that I created with my favorite drum, percussion samples, and multi sample instruments loaded into roughly 8-12pads (depending on the exact preset) filled and a few free that I will load as a starting point or template to start off new ideas.

      If anything starts to stick then I do a ‘save as’ with a new project name to preserve the original project template and continue on with the current song. This way those original starting points are always ready to go for the next new idea.