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  • MIDI Import Improvements

    The 2.0 Update is working very smoothly so far, and all the hard work that has gone into it is much appreciated. One area that could stand some improvement, however, is MIDI import. A few observations:
    • The default import folder seems to be a broken link. There should be the ability to set a default folder independently of the one used for loading samples.
    • There is no way to load specific channels. Using checkboxes to import a single or multiple MIDI channels would remedy this.
    • The ability to automatically expand the sequence length would make longer midi files much more manageable. Perhaps a bar range control as well, which would set the beginning and end of the imported sequence?
    • I would like to have the option of importing MIDI into a pad sequence instead of keys. This would make loading MIDI drum packs extremely simple and deliver instant results.
    • The ability to export sequences would be an amazing addition, making it possible to transfer sequences between patches.
    • Implement a MIDI note-based recording feature for the sequencer pads, similar to the new one that was introduced for sample recording.
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    totally agree.. a midi import function would be so dope!