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programmed trigger mute when a pad is hold manually

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  • programmed trigger mute when a pad is hold manually

    I'm not sure if anyone else requested that already, but if so, take it as a +1.

    on elektron machines, when you trigger and hold a "slot" manually, it overrides the sequencer and doesnt trigger any programmed events as long as you hold the instrument.
    For performance reasons this is a very useful behaviour - the most simple reason would be muting the bassdrum for two bars while doing something else, without the need to leave the pads page. this allows for switching into a new clip or doing something else on the pads page while still muting the bassdrum.
    right now you need to press mix twice, mute it, switch back to pads, apply the new clip in the last bar, switch back to mix while pressing it twice and unmute the bassdrum in the right moment.
    doable but very complicated!

    a behaviour where hand-made triggers (either on the screen or via a controller) override programmed ones would be very, very welcome!

    all the best from hamburg

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    That's a cool idea. Thanks for suggesting it.