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  • reload preset

    Enable to load a preset again to restore its last saved state. Good für improvising live.

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    hi 1010, hi bb users... fw 19B1 something i don't understand : when playing a hardware synth / sequencers etc etc, i usually change some settings, as cutoff , you know etc, when playing, and then, eventually, i reload the preset to carry on on the "good" saved preset. BUT on the BB, i can't reload the same pset i


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      I would like to have reload.
      I'm often. switching to a different preset and then coming back to the current one to get back to saved settings.
      Not too painful, but not elegant either.

      upwardspiral - yes, if the reload were seamless, then hell yes, it could be an improvisation tool as well. However, if it reload were to have the same latency as loading in general, probably not.

      I'd still be pleased to be able to reload the current present without leaving and coming back.


      • upwardspiral
        upwardspiral commented
        Editing a comment
        Good point!

        I imagine if I was about to program it, I would implement a check-routine before reloading. That would determine if any samples loaded since the last save have changed and only to load the new ones.
        If nothing new has to be loaded, I would expect a seemless reload of the PSET.

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      In the Elektron workflow being able to mess with a saved state/preset, get totally out there, and then with a shortcut reload the last state/preset, is quite good for jamming/live. So +1


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        Would be nice


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          Definitely need a reload function for any tweaked preset, thank you


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            + 1. on the key step pro, there is reload feature, soooo convenient