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  • Functioning Ableton als

    Will we ever be able to load the preset.als into Ableton after using Pack? If this IS working where am I going wrong? I get an error wether trying to open in Ableton 10 or 11 but I’d LOVE to be able to finish the tracks and add effects etc in Ableton.

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    Hi MadMohawkFilms,

    I would love a functioning ableton import as much as you do!

    However, this feature is as you noticed broken. But you can fix it to an extend.

    For that you have to open the als file with a text editor and delete the last empty lines in the document.

    Please notice, that no Midi data is translated into the project.


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      Ooooooh thats USEFUL info Thanks Man!!!! Will have to try that. Weird thing I can import the BBS ALS into my Akai Force tho if the MIDI data is lost its not that great.

      Thank you for the info Upwardspiral.


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        Worked GREAT! Thanks again.


        • upwardspiral
          upwardspiral commented
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          Glad I could help you! Have fun finishing your tracks

        • jellomusic
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          +1 thanks!

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        Any chance there will be an official export to Ableton feature? I agree with the above that it would be nice to have the ability to export from the blackbox and import into Ableton to add effects and complete. Sounds like it was started but never completed in code?


        • Steve
          Steve commented
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          It was a beta feature. It is no longer being considered for development. If you pack your preset - and edit the als file it does still work.