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"dj style" Preset transition solution?

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  • "dj style" Preset transition solution?

    I'm not entiiirely sure how this would be achieved but a way to transition seamlessly between presets by would be extreeemely welcome. I don't really know of any gear that can do this and so there aren't a massive amount of model solutions out there for inspiration but I can think of 3 strategies:

    1. Transition preset with a limit to file sizes allowing for the next preset to be loaded in the background.
    2. Being able to set loading order of sample pads and/or chain presets together so that they share certain samples allowing for the next preset to load in the background..
    3. A looper or so that can hold a sample of the current playing preset while the next one loads in the background.

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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Here are some other ideas:
    1) Grab a long echo or loop on external gear to cover the preset change
    2) Use another piece of gear to play sounds during a preset change
    3) Use the internal delay and reverb to hold onto a sound while changing. Yes the new preset will reset the settings, which may provide the conclusion you need.
    3) Get a second blackbox


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      3) Get a second blackbox - thats what I did. again. haha

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    I have been doing this with the modbap modular per4mer. I basically sync the module to tempo and grab a loop using the beat repeater, then just change the preset and reduce the wet signal on the loop to transition into the new preset playing. I think this can also be done with other gear like the kaossilator, sp404 or similar effects that have some kind of beat repeater (and better if can be midi synced). But it would be awesome if no other gear was needed.


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      Originally posted by TroelsBK View Post
      … I don't really know of any gear that can do this and so there aren't a massive amount of model solutions out there for inspiration….
      The novation circuit tracks is a good example of this. You can change between projects and it maintains tempo seamlessly.


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        Originally posted by Aaron View Post
        Thanks for the suggestion.
        3) Get a second blackbox
        Well yes, and a bluebox to mix them together I'm sure :P :-D It's asking a lot of the little box, I know. It's barely something you see in most computer software which has ample parallelisation. Basically I'm chasing a way to replace sounds in a transition, part by part, instead of hard switching to a whole new set of sounds. But even with a second blackbox you very quickly get taken out of your flow while having to navigate to preset loading on several boxes. Is there a way to remotely (program change or so) change presets?


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          I would love this feature as well. I tend to just make noise on another device while I load the next preset. I have a Hologram Microcosm tomorrow, so hopefully I can loop sounds from the last preset while I switch to the next one.
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