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  • Save EQ presets

    Would like to be able to save and recall EQ configs within any given preset. I think right now the way it works well is as you are sampling you can use EQ to resample with EQ applied, repeat as needed. Then maybe set an EQ for the entire track/preset. Where it starts to get complicated is after you've set a master EQ and you maybe want to again EQ a sample, you either do it and reload the preset, or go into another preset altogether. Being able to save EQ settings so they are not lost would be helpful in such situations. You save your master EQ, recall the EQ you used for that sample (or maybe a config you use often), resample, then reset to your master EQ.

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    I'm a huge fan of EQ presets on pretty much any device that allows EQ settings. Seeing how it takes up virtually no machine resources, and is so useful, it seems a no-brainer at some point.


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      a quick way to toggle the EQ on and off would also be nice.


      • byrdinbbylon
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        agree on the quick toggle on/off. super useful when trying to quickly compare the effected and un-effected sound