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Side-scrolling/marquee long filenames in browser

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  • Side-scrolling/marquee long filenames in browser

    If you have selected a file in the file browser, and the filename doesn't fit on the screen, it would sometimes be useful to be able to read the whole filename. The way this is dealt with in some other sampler operating systems is that the filename starts scrolling horizontally, back and forth, like a marquee.

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    You are so right!


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      Please add running text line if the file name is too long to fit into screen. It is really hard to navigate with big library, where sample creator, type, key, bpm and etc.


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        I have requested this "feature" for a long time. There's a thread called "open the sources" which I had started long ago (I got dethroned ) in which this is debated amongst other requests.


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          Long filenames are a problem indeed but side-scrolling will not fix it sufficiently. I don't know how your library looks like but mine almost fills a 32GB SD card. >30% of the file names are too big for the screen and I already did some batch processing to get rid of redundant info. I have nausea just by thinking of having to wait for hundreds of file names to scroll by.


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            agreed, but not being able to read them wont be helpful either. if you want to know how proper file management is done just look at the pioneers. theres loads to argue about when it comes to their design but the file and filter functions are top notch