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FX Send Control via MIDI

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  • FX Send Control via MIDI

    Add Dry / wet control of FX per Pad via Midi. Would enhance interaction / creative use of onboard effects.

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    So i got my BB and a Arturia Minilab MK2 .
    i got it all set up so my keys play notes and the pads play pads.
    But i just can't get the knobs to work.
    When i go to the FX, i press learn,i wiggle a knob, and it says "CC" in that field on the BB. but it doesn't do anything! i then can turn the knob as much as i want, no change on the FX is hapening!
    strangely enough, when i set the same knob to control f.e. the filter, it works!
    its just the FX section that doesnt react to it, even though "learn" seems to work!

    any clues?

    btw, same problem when i try it with my launch control XL.


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      Ok, so I got a bit more into it:
      1 thing I now understand is that BB doesn't show value changes on the screen done by midi twiddling.
      Also bpm changes, if you change the bpm with an external clock, you hear the change but the screen bpm in BB just show the old value.
      This is a thing that seems to be lacking in the BB and needs to be changed!

      Anyhow, I still don't understand how you can map the fx (delay/reverb) to a knob?
      The "learn" function only is available for delay timing (1/4, 1/8, etc), feedback etc but not the main level or mix of delay! Same for reverb!

      ​​​How can one control them per knob??


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        Hi Prydal,

        I can explain, but you probably will not like it

        Thing is, you can only control FX parameters per MIDI. I suppose you want to control the dry / wet ratio in your scenario. This is not possible in the current firmware.

        You are only able to control how much of your sound is fed into the FX with these steps:

        1. press [FX]
        2. select the pad you want to put delay / reverb on
        3. add FX by either
        3.1 touching the level strips left and right on the screen
        3.2 turning the physical knobs next to the screen

        Note: FX are only available for internal sound and not for external input signals.


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          thx, so it is not possible to do dry/wet of FX per midi? ?oh no, what a bummer... that's actually a pretty grave missing thing,,,,

          please @admins This is like really essential at hardcore needed!!


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            I started a request for this here:

            Feel free to "like" that post for awareness.


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              Please use the wish list


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                Thank you.


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                  +1 for being able to use MIDI t control FX sends


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                    Mapping FX SENDS to knobs was the first thing I was looking for when connecting a midi controller the first time. Being able to mod FX PARAMETERS is nice to have, but the SENDS are much mor important imo and absolutely essential for some live interaction!


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                      +1 came here to find out its not possible but would love to see it arrive this year


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                        +1 This feature is a must have on the Blackbox. Essential for live performance.


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                          Would be really cool if we could control the send amounts of the two integrated FX from an external MIDI controller!


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                            Hi Michal Ho,

                            please find this wishlist item here: and give it a like.


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                              Thanks, I searched the forum before creating this thread and did not find yours. Liked. I urge you to like this one as well, it's the only way to be sure.

                              P.S. I know why now, I was looking for "FX send", not "dry/wet". How about you correct the title of your wishlist thread?