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Instantly stop any Pad Playing by Holding "Back" + press Pad

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  • Georges
    commented on 's reply
    just give it a chance, blackbox is full of such “workarounds”, that is while waiting and hoping for your feature to be heard

  • Prydal
    well, you kinda prove my point: there is no simple way to instantlly stop any pad from playing.
    I dont want to have to go into settings of a pad and change that around or embed it into a squence first just so i can stop it.
    having to do workarounds proves that a simple way is missing (although thx for the workaround tipps

    There needs to be a way to just stop a pad immediatly. right now the only thing that works is the stop button, but that stops everything.
    I think this is just a really basic feature that would be great to have and is needed

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  • Georges
    For clips, there is quant size, which you can set to none or to a small value (eg 1/16) - though this impacts also clip launching.
    With one shot samples, you can achieve the same effect by embedding them into a sequence and by setting the pad’s launch mode to gate.

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  • Instantly stop any Pad Playing by Holding "Back" + press Pad

    Hi, one thing that i wondered was that there must be a simple way to instantly stop any pad from playing.
    Gut there isn't! most will continue playing till the sample is finished.

    So just from my intuitive approach it would feel natural to press and hold the Back button + press the pad you want to full stop.

    right now the back button is not used when in PADS screen 1 .

    what do you think?