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  • sequence stages/progressions/variations

    I use sequencer heavily to sequence external gear. Would be great if within one sequence pad I could setup multiple stages. So stage 1 might be the base pattern, stage 2 is a variation of that pattern, and so on. Have a set number of these per sequence. Only one stage can play at any given time, so you wouldn't be able to exceed 16 sequences playing at any given time.

    You can do this now by just using multiple sequence pads, but then you're using half your sequence pads for just one part of a track, as such it is impractical.

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    you can put my name in the "yes, please" column for more sequences per preset. For sure. I'm not inclined to prescribe how it's implemented.
    I would say I also use bb to sequence outboard gear a lot.
    In some cases, I have projects that don't have any pads loaded from pre-existing sounds.
    If I start to get to the point where I feel like I'm running out of sequences, I will sometimes sample certain parts into pads for playback instead of playing them with the synth*.
    this does reduce the tweakabilty of certain parts - so I tend to focus on sampling in parts that I'm lest inclined to fiddle with when they're being played.

    *Typically I will do a save as on the project before I delete the sequence in case I ever want it back.


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      yeah I sample regularly when as I go through sequences, eventually I do run out. I avoid clearing sequences even after I have sampled just in case I want to go back rework the sample. I do save-as in these instances, which can be a waste of space. That said it has also been a great positive of sorts as I've run into what seems to be isolated issues of corrupt samples. I also try and backup frequently.

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    +1 for 32 or even 64 sequence pads


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      256 sequences at up to 144 bars long please, pretty please


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        +1. Need more variations.


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          yes much more sequences and waaaay longer !