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Record sample while holding "REC"

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  • Record sample while holding "REC"

    I’ve searched the forums and read the manual, but I haven’t found any way to do this. My use case it I want to sample something quickly off a record, say for example a snare. I don’t want a count-in, I don’t want play back of the existing song, I just want to select a pad, press REC, release the record and then release REC once I have the sound I want. Is this possible? If not, consider this my request for that feature

    EDIT: I apologize in advance if this is something that is already available and explained in the manual and I’ve missed it. If it is, please point me in the right direction.

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    you have to press record and play at the same time to record a sound into a pad.

    the following settings on the record screen:
    RecToPlay: off
    Rec Quant: None

    also set
    TOOLS>REC>Lead In: OFF

    if you want it to stop recording with without stopping the player, you need to set record length to something other than "Custom" - perhaps the smallest increment, 1/4, would work for a snare. you might want set it to longer and then trim it, though.

    you can also play with recording thresholds for your use case.
    This is not a feature I use very much, but it could be useful to you.


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      Thanks for your advice!

      It didn’t really work for me though, I made the changes you suggested but I still get the same thing: As I try to record a new sample, my existing beat plays, making it very hard to know when I’ve got the sample (the sound drowns in the sound of the existing beat). I’m probably just used to other samplers where there’s a distinction between recording samples from an outside source, and recording those samples to track. On the Blackbox, there’s less of a distinction between the two - for example I don’t want a lead in count when recording samples, but I do want one when I’m laying down the samples on a beat. But in the Blackbox, that’s the same setting. So there’s a lot of jumping between menus and changing settings, turning off lead in for sampling, then turning it back on for recording onto track. Not really a dealbreaker though, just wanted to see if someone else felt the same. That perhaps the "REC" button could behave differently based on context. I guess it depends on what kind of music you make.

      Anyhow, thanks again for your suggestions!


      • shankiphonic
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        keep playing with it.
        In spite of the "limitations" it's a very capable device.
        And absolutely - there's a muscle memory to navigating the blackbox, I agree.
        Some sampling tricks are like a game of twister, and not practical, but you might surprise yourself with what you can do.

      • shankiphonic
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        as another aside -
        I thought of your post when playing with the sample mode on the chase bliss blooper.
        It is probably the most over priced one-shot sampler in existence, (if that's all you use it for), but it will grab a momentary sample like how you're describing.
        down side is that when you're in sample mode, even new sample overwrites the last - I have it set up to be able to route it into my blackbox so I can resample one shots or other loops created from the blooper.