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    A great way to get creative with loops in Ableton is to change a clip start point. You still get the same loop, but with a new start point, and what was before the start point becomes the new end of the loop.

    You can achieve this with a clip currently if you set quantization to be smaller than a bar and you manually toggle the clip at the right point or sequence it in.

    However, this approach would be a lot easier (when jamming for instance) if you could keep 1 bar+ clip launch quantization and still have the start point of the clip be something other than the start of the file.

    Could be in the Clip > Pos menu. One setting for start point "grid size" (i.e. 1 bar, 1/4 bar, etc) and one setting for start point in "steps of this length".

    You might say "just use the sequencer" — but I really think this would be a super fun and useful feature in the clip settings as well.

    Additionally, it would be great to be able to fine-tune the start point (milliseconds? samples?) to adjust any timing issues with the loop against the rest of your song.
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