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    A great way to get creative with loops in Ableton is to change a clip start point. You still get the same loop, but with a new start point, and what was before the start point becomes the new end of the loop.

    You can achieve this with a clip currently if you set quantization to be smaller than a bar and you manually toggle the clip at the right point or sequence it in.

    However, this approach would be a lot easier (when jamming for instance) if you could keep 1 bar+ clip launch quantization and still have the start point of the clip be something other than the start of the file.

    Could be in the Clip > Pos menu. One setting for start point "grid size" (i.e. 1 bar, 1/4 bar, etc) and one setting for start point in "steps of this length".

    You might say "just use the sequencer" — but I really think this would be a super fun and useful feature in the clip settings as well.

    Additionally, it would be great to be able to fine-tune the start point (milliseconds? samples?) to adjust any timing issues with the loop against the rest of your song.
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    You can do something similar with the blackbox.
    and you can fine tune your samples.
    switch to sample mode (not clip) and trim.

    to your first point though - again, in sample mode:
    >turn forward looping on.
    >set the start point wherever you want it, but it should be AFTER LpStr (loop start). This will make the sample start late, and then flow seamlessly back to the beginning. the default release setting is 20. at this setting, depending on the distance between Start and LpStr - it might not play all the way through to Start again. to fix this, adjust the release to a higher value.

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      Very good! Thank you! This solves the sample alignment problem for Sample Mode.

      Still, to be able to set a start point of a clip using a quantization grid, like in Ableton, would still be an amazing new feature and improvement.