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SLIDE finger to go into another pad

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  • SLIDE finger to go into another pad

    I often have long wavs loaded into a pad. Sometimes I have those looped and will then stop and go into another pad.

    My idea is it would be really nice if I could tap Pad X (which could be any pad) and slide my finger to another Pad Y (any other pad), signaling that Pad Y starts when Pad X ends. Some of my pads are entire sections of a song that I have composed in Logic Pro. So, I'm looping a Pad and then decide to have it signal another to start.

    It's different than just starting one when stopping another as some of my loops might be 8 bars or even 16. Just depends on the song. Would this be something that could be useful to others as well?

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    sounds like you want "pad chaining" on the fly.

    Otherwise, you're describing song mode.
    in order to get the result you're describing, you'd organize your long wavs to be played by sequences.
    then, in song mode, record the sequences in the desired order.


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    I definitely have parts embedded together in some pads, but some I want to loop separately.

    "Pad Chaining" is a great way to put it. Thanks for the suggestion, I may try to look into song mode more. My sets are really long, so chaining would be nice. This would all to support improvising.

    For instance, I might be improvising a solo wirelessly and want it to go to the next section without having to stand there to make the change. Meanwhile, the underlying Beat is there. That would be amazing.