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Export stems up to 8 bars to start

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  • Export stems up to 8 bars to start

    It would be nice to have the function "export". In that the option to export stems into a folder. Then it would be much easier than resampling every track over and over just to send it out for mixing and mastering. I prefer stretching, mixing and mastering in my laptop but, creating in blackbox. This is what my ideal workflow looks like.

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    +1 one of the features I’ve also been begging for.

    stem export is key to any accomplished groovebox.


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      I am not sure that stem export would be strictly needed, though I would certainly not mind if it was there. I am less sure about its workflow though.

      Without stem export:

      1) if you use clips, sd card export is probably the fastest method to get your music into a DAW. You will have to do some copying&pasting and some arranging in your DAW, but not a big deal really;

      2) if, on the other hand, you use one-shots triggered by sequences, you have to fiddle your way through the mixer screen while resampling, sacrifice a pad (or record externally instead) and wait for the resampling (or recording) to end.

      The next question is: stem export from where precisely: from SEQS? from SONG? from both? And how do you expect to select the pad(s) to transform: a single pad selection menu item or a multi-item select à la mixer screen? How could this be made less tedious than fiddling in the mixer screen?

      Maybe what we would really need would be an additional, __fast and pad-independent resampling__ / bouncing / mix down to sd card feature, such as found in DAWs, which does not allow you to live-monitor the process.
      This way you could use it for stem export (if combined with selecting pads in the mixing screen) or for whatever else you like.

      Maybe that’s what you are already asking for?


      • Georges
        Georges commented
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        If you could choose between song and sequence (same as you can already switch to song mode for play), then it would be even more flexible, without hurting your use case. Also make it export only non-empty pads or, even more better, only unmuted pads.

      • jayneural
        jayneural commented
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        Can be a way to go. Though, if I understood well what you suggest, it means you need to reconstruct your track on the DAW based on loops. The truth is it would work very well with workflows like FLstudio So I would say having the two export modes would be quite awesome.

        A long time ago I had suggested this concept, which implied major improvements in the SONG mode first :

        I believe SONG mode needs some major revamp for it to be easier to use and provide a faster and more efficient workflow. This would also allow the inclusion of a project and audio export feature. As it is currently the case, song mode should be triggered with two methods : - Arrangement view displayed by default when pushing

        But looks like you noticed it at the time, as you are one of the commenters

      • Georges
        Georges commented
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        How time passes …
        Yes, even though unconventional in a DAW, a reconstructive workflow has its own benefits and forces you to keep your files organised