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A Pad function to change TEMPO of song on a specified measure

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  • A Pad function to change TEMPO of song on a specified measure

    It would be really cool if a PAD could be set up as a function that would instantly change the TEMPO of a song/preset when activated. For instance, let's say my preset is set for 120 bpm, but I want the first measure of a different sequence or section to change to 80 bpm. I would simply program up a Pad as a Tempo Pad. If the Tempo PAD is set with LOOPING ON, then the tempo will remain the slower (or faster) tempo. If LOOPING is OFF, it will only stay that Tempo for 1 measure. In other words, the pad works like any other pad except that it is controlling the TEMPO of the song, not playing a Sample.

    Also, this function could be 'baked' into the sequences, so that going through Song sections would have these Tempo changes built it.

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    I'm guessing this would land pretty low on the 1010music developer priority list.

    If you really crave for this kind of control I'd highly recommend the Monome Norns.
    Things like this are possible with a couple of different Norns patches, most notably with Orca, which can also be run on regular computers: