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Cycling through pages, hold info/back to shift A/B

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  • Cycling through pages, hold info/back to shift A/B

    I'm not a programmer so I don't know how feasible any of this might be, but I think it could make the workflow much quicker and more "playable":

    I wish that specific page buttons (PADS, SEQ, etc) pressed multiple times cycled through pages without having to press back.

    I find the multi-press cycling method to be super useful on something like the Digitakt. The BB page buttons already light in the same way showing which is currently selected. Even better if, after leaving that page, the BB remembered which parameter page you were on inside a page, so one could toggle between parameters that live inside different page buttons.

    I know the notion of a shift key has been suggested - a page-cycling workflow might open up BACK and INFO to be held down as a SHIFT A/B (eg., when held-down, a different set of options pops-up based on which page one is currently on.) One hand holds INFO or BACK, the other cycles pages + selects, tweaks, etc.

    (recording p-locks this way would be crazy fun - or even a kind of inverted p-lock/control-all where the original was returned-to after button was lifted... anyway, lots of possibilities there.)

    Thanks for considering!

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    Thanks for the suggestion


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      The idea of cycling sounds cool and could improve usability.

      The page button as shift key clearly also has some potential for implementing shortcuts or new functionality. The cycling feature requested here does not prevent implementing the page button as shift key as we are talking about a continuous press Vs a repeated press. I guess these can be programmatically distinguished as different events.

      So +1 for the whole idea of improving immediacy and usability though the use of different events on the page keys.

      Also would work for the Bluebox btw.

      I take the occasion to wish Aaron, Christine and the 1010music teams happy new year and good luck for the ongoing and future products and firmware development.