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    I'm exchanging the OT for a second blackbox this year and while preparing this I'm stumbling about something: the "record to play" is very powerful the way it is, but apart from playing recorded loops its not possible to do something more ...creative with what is recorded - on the fly!

    I initially thought we would need more options in the "record to play" value (like sample/clip/slice/granular) but the most sense it would make if it would be possible to preconfigure the empty Pad for when Record to Play is OFF

    so - if record to play is on, of course we expect a clip that just plays without anything else needed: this is GREAT the way it is!

    but if record to play is OFF, from the Record Settings, I want to jump into the empty Pad with INFO and dial in the machine I want (this is possible already, at least theoretically). But those settings should stay intact once the new audio is recorded into the pad. right now recorded audio always switches to the clip mode which then needs two/three extra steps, especially if, for example, the sampler mode which is about to be used has specific settings like a shortened envelope...

    I could do some very nice stuff on the fly with this.

    right now, while every recording switches into a standard clip, doing interesting stuff with it feels very painful and inviting to mistakes.

    I hope I made clear what I need, maybe in one short sentence: allow the empty pad to be preconfigured for a "New Rec" instead of always switching it into a Clip Mode.

    thanks for taking this into account

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    Great idea!


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      +1 count me in


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        stimming right now to avoid auto-clip mode, set bar length to custom, always. Together with rec quant set to something like one bar, use the rec button to stop recording during the last bar. You get a clip-like length with auto-sample mode only AFAICS.


        • stimming
          stimming commented
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          aaah, thanks for the information, that sounds promising!

          still - jumping right into a granular machine that builds a texture immediately would be even better, wouldn't it?
          and, it also sounds like I have to always do this "step in between": either fixed record length to record a clip or custom to jump into the sampler.

          I hate forced steps in between, especially on stage.

        • Georges
          Georges commented
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          Indeed, there are times when inference appears to get into the way, most notably live performance. A very similar feature discussion took place in this thread: -> some users indicated some interesting (already working) workarounds in this thread, such as how to pre-configure pad settings.

        • Georges
          Georges commented
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          In the blackbox manual, there is a dedicated section on creating preset templates. “Preset templates allow you to configure the pad mode, output, MIDI settings, modulation and other settings before you have associated a WAV file with the pad.”

          Also “use Per Pad when you want to set up a Template preset with different recording configurations for each pad.”

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        Georges, thanks for the link!


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          Hi stimming...
          yes, as Georges said, if you think my live-looping requests are useful also for you, please support my post. There are a lot of users just hoping for the same improvements.
          It's the best way to have our statement heard...