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Integrating Banks of Pads?

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  • Integrating Banks of Pads?

    As the topic suggests; I was wondering if there is any way (maybe in future firmware updates) to integrate banks of pads. Sort of like Roland's Sampler.

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    Reason being is because it gives us a lot more flexibility for the choice of samples we could add and how far we could manipulate and change the sound with added control that each pad has (FILTER, PITCH, ADSR, LOOPING, FX, LFO...etc) , unlike multi sample pads which when, for example, changing the ADSR of that pad will affect all samples in that multi sample pad.

    This is quite restricting for me. Obviously I'd imagine it would take a toll on the CPU if it were integrated, but I am clueless what the potential is.

    I am not sure how others feel about this suggestion.

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      I upvoted the previous post, and did so to this one, as I think even one additional bank of 16 pads would be super helpful and practical. The banks could be switched by just pressing PADS again (similar to how pressing KEYS a few times goes to different screens). I think as long as some constraints remained such as total number of WAV files allowed on a preset, having extra pads wouldn't be a CPU issue. Even if there were a limit to how many could be active at once, I'd still find it useful.

      To me, the main limitation of the current set up is if you want to do a combination of a drum kit and also playing several loops for song sections. You tend to run out of pads pretty quick. While you can keep resampling to group everything in less pads, sometimes you lose tweaking or re-arranging flexibility that way. With an extra bank of pads, one bank could handle drum tones or one shots for a kit, and maybe a multi-sample or 2, and then the other bank could mainly hold loops. That alone would make it more practical to sketch ideas on.

      While also adding an additional page of sequences would be nice too, just the more pads alone would be the biggest help.

      The one workaround I found was to record all my drum kit hits into a single slice pad. While this worked pretty well in some ways, it had the following limitations:
      have to pre-record the hits into a slice
      can't have a mute group for open/closed hi-hats
      can't set effects values different for different sounds (such as having reverb on a snare but not a kick) unless you bake it in when recording the slice
      can't mute drum sounds individual while playing

      If anyone knows any other good work-arounds, chime in...


      • Carmelo
        Carmelo commented
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        Why do you find it better to use a slice pad with all your drums then load all to multisample pad?

      • byrdinbbylon
        byrdinbbylon commented
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        From a loading and immediacy perspective, loading to a multi-sample pad would be easier.

        However, it has the same bottom 3 limitations I mentioned with slice pads (no mute group/no separate effects/can't mute individual sounds). The main advantage of using a slice pad over multi-sample would be the ability to define each sound's volume and panning before recording into the slice pad sample. I guess you could set volume and resample each sound that needs an adjustment there to a new sample and then put that in a folder with the other samples to load as a multi-sample, but that's still a very manual process either way. Just having another bank of pads saves that extra work and is more tweakable after the fact.

      • Carmelo
        Carmelo commented
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        Thanks for your explanation.
        I'm pretty new to blackbox (1 week so far) so I'm still in discovery mode.
        I also agree, would be great to have another bank of pads. it's very common to fill more then 10 pads with drums...