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  • Disable MIDI clock output

    I am using the Black Box in a situation where it is syncing to an external midi clock from an Analog Rytm via an RK-006. The Black Box is then outputting midi which is merged onto the same "bus" again via the second input on the RK-006. The RK-006 is supposed to arbitrate the master clock and take care of everything, but I find that does not work reliably. It would be most helpful to be able to sync the Black Box to a midi clock, but not have that clock, or the internal clock be output on the midi out.

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    It sounds like you have an advanced midi setup, you could probably filter out the unwanted messages with something like the Midihub. It's the size of the Quadra Thru (needs to be powered by USB tho), and let's you fully rewrite (and even generate) midi between 4 inputs and 4 outputs. It has really simplified my midi routing.

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      While I still think this could be a useful feature, I did realize that I had overcomplicated things and could just route the out of the Analog Rytm to the in of the Black Box, then the out of the Black Box to the RK-06, and I have the same setup effectively but done more simply.