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  • Two Things:

    First on my wishlist is midi control for Mute/Unmute. I would love to be able to map pad mutes in the same way we can already map pad triggers to launchpads.

    Second would be a lot cooler, but also more of a long shot (but I'll keep my fingers crossed!). What I would LOVE to see in an update, would be a "Control-all" function. Ie, if you could hold the mix button and turn down the filter on pad one, thereby turning down the filter on all pads. That'd be sick.

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    +1 for both suggestions, especially the first one. I think the second one is definitely a long shot as it would involve linking parameters together, or macro controlling parameters. Could be a load for the CPU?


    • DanielMulholland
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      Yeah there's two roads the blackbox has to manage simultaneously- catching up with it's own functions, and developing its own workflow. Midi mapping definitely needs a bit of improvement (though I appreciate the hard work of the 1010team thus far!), but I wouldn't be heart broken if I didn't get my wonky workflow suggestions implemented lol. We do also need midi functions for selecting sequences. we can launch them so far, but we can't select them via pad which is kind of annoying

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    Hi DanielMulholland,

    I'm on board for mute per Midi. Please consider giving this request an upvote, that is if you haven't already!