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    +1 this along with per-pad presets!


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      The BB is my placeholder looper in my setup ( its so elegant compared to other loopers )- if i would be able to save per pad midi mapping and other settings I would make it my main looper and would also definitely consider the bitbox for my euro : )


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        I fully agree with this request, as it stands I can't use a pad multiple times during a set to record to because all the settings are lost when clearing/cutting the sample slot.


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          it doesn't remember midi controller assignments per pad as part of a preset?
          so you have to re-learn the midi CC assignments every time you load a sample?
          while you're auditioning samples in context, you lose the midi CC assignments every time you load a new sample/multisample??

          OH, COME ON! this need fixing ASAP. rather defeats the object of presets otherwise.

          but wait.... in the manual, it says.... [pic]... so which is it?

          Click image for larger version

Name:	1010bb midi cc mapping.jpg
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            Any update on this?


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              Originally posted by focal sounds

              Any update on this?
              Several issues are discussed here, so it is difficult to answer them all in a single post. The blackbox audio loop recording is fixed to ^2. RecToPlay does not work on Custom length recordings. And some settings will not be preserved when loading a different sample type. This happens because the box reads the metadata in the file when it loads. It then tries to create the most appropriate (helpful) settings for the content you are loading. For example, a Clip benefits from Toggle mode. A Clip needs sync, and the box needs to understand beat count to help make that happen. These are fundamental to the operation of the blackbox. This is one small example, but underlying conditions affect this behavior.

              As for MIDI CC settings, there are many scenarios where they do persist. I would need more specific repro steps to verify if there is a bug or if this is the intended behavior.

              That said, we hear the request for deeper parameter control, and this request is in the correct place.


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                Thanks for clearing that up Steve

                I think the main point to drive home which was in the original post. Is that pads could/should be able to be predetermined with a few basic settings - with or without a sample loaded into it.

                Or is this technically not possible in the BlackBox?


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                  focal sounds Yes, I understood this. It is not a new request and we definitely hear it.


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                    Originally posted by Steve
                    focal sounds Yes, I understood this. It is not a new request and we definitely hear it.
                    That's great.