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More finger friendly Step Sequencer/PADS piano roll entry

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    More finger friendly Step Sequencer/PADS piano roll entry

    When looking at the KEYS/Scales view I thought the 8x4 layout would be a perfect solution for a more finger friendly way to step sequence individual pads for drums and sample placement in a PADS sequence.

    Click image for larger version

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    At 1/16th grid scale, the above GUI would represent 32 steps. On a 256 step sequence, if my poor math skills are correct, you could have arrow keys to scroll through 8 pages of 32 steps. The blanked out area, which on the scales page has the Scale and Key info, could be replaced with Copy&Paste functionality and could be toggled for Events to shift the individual steps off grid using the knobs as they are entered much like the Elektron sequencers. No need to pinch zoom and a much larger target for the finger tip to enter steps.
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    +1 oh man I hope this is being considered in the dev room!!


      The only way it will be considered is if enough people add their +1 so the developers know it's wanted. A few people have liked the post but it needs and actual +1 post added.

      It would be a game changer to have a simple, fast, clear, and precise way to enter in steps on the pads screen. I would completely change the way I write songs on the BlackBox, no longer fooling with the KEYS touchscreen across 256 steps. Instead of trying to manually enter dozens and dozens of notes with all the pinching, zooming, scrubbing, misplaced notes, correcting mistakes, etc., I would create the individual single chords within my scale, play them with my multisample instrument, resample them to a pad, then use the new step sequencer to arrange my chords into progressions across a sequence. Again resampling that to create different song sections (verse, chorus, bridge, etc), which in turn would free up pads as I go.

      I could very quickly filter it down this way, placing my elements where I want them precisely, quickly, and comfortably. The added benefit would be all the samples of chords and bass lines and melodies I would create for use in other projects. Couple this workflow with my use of sequences as a song mode, I could easily create hours and hours of music, whole sets within one project. As the sequencer workflow stands now, I have to use external sequencers and import midi files to get the speed and accuracy I am used to from all my other gear. Having a finger friendly step sequencer would help alleviate what I see as a weak point in the BB.
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        Wait what? That's an actual dev rule? damn I gotta go through and drop a bunch of plus 1's now

      Yes a 2D grid layout of the 16 steps as a step sequencer is a great idea. Like the guy who said "Maschine style sequencer" also suggested. +1


        Yes and a harder scroll speed please. smooth scroll is really annoying and pushes me to do errors, wether it's in the song mode or in the piano roll. it's just esthetic and ruins the workflow


          and a "clear last entry" function! I keep adding steps while I try to delete mistakes....


            I agree. The sequencer is the weakest aspect of the Blackbox.

            I have recently been playing again with some Pocket Operators and they're really quick and easy to sequence. Blackbox could take adopt the same or similar workflow.

            1) I would go for 4x4 grid per screen with page buttons for longer sequences.

            2) For melodic sequences, why not press a step on the 4x4 grid and rotate one of the knobs for the note? This seems to me the best solution given the form factor and could easily be migrated (ergonomically I mean) to BitBox and BitBox Micro. Press step (on the 4x4 grid) + rotate knob for note on currently highlighted step. Extra knobs could be for note length, volume/velocity, etc.


              Anything that updates the sequencer get my vote. It really needs an overhaul.

              I like the idea of adding a step sequence view
              I especially like the idea of a 'clear last entry' function. Sometimes one simple note change results in me hitting the wrong track multiple times which gets really frustrating. Sure you can zoom in but then you can't see where you are in the sequence.

              While we're at it, how about finger gestures to highlight multiple events so they can be copied and pasted elsewhere? i.e Draw around a ground of events with your finger to highlight them.
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                Yes, the sequencer is the "selling point" of the BB over one of the Eurorack modules — but it's a bit too limited and clumsy to be that useful. I generally find myself sequencing the BB from a Cirklon or Launchpad Pro mk3 instead.

                Overhaul +1

                The sequencer in the Launchpad Pro mk3 could be a good reference point. Or the Maschine. They get a lot of depth and usability out of a very simple interface. Probably the MPC is a good reference as well but I don't have personal experience with it.

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                  Also: Nanoloop for iphone / android has a very efficient and compact touch interface in the spirit of the ideas mentioned above (awsome app)



                    This needs a boost!


                      +1 please!


                        +1 definitely!


                          +1 great suggestion


                            Commenting another +1 to boost this thread!